• Where can I apply white wonder?

    You can apply white wonder all over your body and hair.

  • How many layers of skin does white wonder penetrate?

    White wonder penetrates into the three layers of the skin

  • How many times can you use white wonder per day?

    You can use white wonder as often as you like. The best times to use it are in the morning and before bedtime. During the day you can apply to irritated or itchy areas as often as you like.

  • Can I apply white wonder to an open wound?

    Yes you can. First you have to clean or / and disinfect the wound where you want to apply white wonder. It is advisable to cover it after application.

  • Can white wonder be used on my hair?

    Yes, you can. First wash your hair and apply white wonder to damp hair and wrap a towel around your head for about 15 minutes. Then dry your hair normally.

  • Can I wear white wonder on my head?

    If you can. Rinse your hair so that it is damp. apply white wonder directly on the skull and let it act for 15 minutes. It is advisable to cover with a towel around your head. Then dry your hair normally.

  • Does the skin or hair remain oily after using white wonder?

    Generally no. Apply thin layers and you can keep doing that until your skin or hair can no longer absorb the white wonder.

  • Can you use white wonder to prevent?

    Yes, it can. Using white wonder in the morning, afternoon and evening can prevent dry and irritated skin.

  • Where to keep the white wonder?

    You can keep white wonder at room temperature in a dry place.

  • Is the white wonder product free of preservatives and fragrances?

    Yes. White wonder is 100% natural formaldehyde free with cnpn registration 3787257.

  • Does the white wonder product have an expiration date?

    No, beeswax preserves the product. We recommend using the product within 30 months after opening.