White Wonder 125 g


White Wonder is a healing blend against skin problems with antibacterial and self-preserving characteristics with beeswax that softens and protects the skin.

Product 100% natural, fragrance FREE.




- Natural Vaseline

- Special beeswax from young bees, and parts of adult bees.

- Kerosene wax

White Wonder is used for:

- Lips and scalp

- Psoriasis and rosacea, eczema of feet, hands, dry / chapped lips

- Cold sores and wound healing

- Stressed skin, e.g. after mosquito bites, sunbathing, burns, etc.

- Bumps on the baby's skin

- Atopic and seborrheic dermatitis

- Blisters, warts and bedsores

(prevents by applying before any activity)

- Foot and nail fungus (requires both Skin-Clean and White Wonder)


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